Mandarin season is a sweet delight in Placer County

Mandarin season is a sweet delight in Placer County


AUBURN, Calif., December 3, 2014—Mandarin season is one of the tastiest parts of winter in Northern California, and this year’s crop is no exception. The first and third weekends of December, the Mountain Mandarin Growers’ Association (MMGA) invites visitors to its ranches for Orchard Days, a free two-weekend event celebrating mandarins with freshly-picked fruit, mandarin products, wine tasting, crafters and family fun.

Mandarin growers are partnering with local vendors and artists for the annual event. Attendees will enjoy mandarin product sampling and spectacular views of gardens, ponds, orchards and the countryside. Various holiday gifts, plus bags and boxes of tree-ripened, hand-picked mandarins will be available for purchase, as well as mandarin-infused products like olive oils, marinades, honey and more. Visitors with a sweet tooth will enjoy fudge, cookies and cakes.

The fruit produced by MMGA members is picked only when fully ripe to ensure sweetness and freshness. Cultivating mandarin trees has been a tradition in the Placer County region since the 1880s, and has been carried on by families in the area, who have provided tree-ripened, hand- picked mandarins to Placer County and beyond.

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